Sulphur-containing compounds in the essential oil of Ferula alliacea roots and their mass spectral fragmentation patterns

Kasaian, J. and Asili, J. and Iranshahi, M. (2016) Sulphur-containing compounds in the essential oil of Ferula alliacea roots and their mass spectral fragmentation patterns. Pharmaceutical Biology, 54 (10). pp. 2264-2268.

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Context GC-MS analysis is the best way to characterize volatile sulphur-containing compounds. Ferula (Apiaceae) is a genus of perennial herbs. Due to the occurrence of essential oils or oleoresins in the Ferula species, these plants usually possess strong aromatic scent. Terpenoid compounds were the most abundant constituents of Ferula oils, however, in some of Ferula species, the essential oils were dominated by volatile sulphur-containing compounds. Objectives Ferula alliacea Boiss. is considered one of the sources of the oleo-gum-resin asafoetida. In this study, we analyzed the hydrodistilled essential oil from its dried roots and provide new data about retention indices and mass fragmentation patterns of some volatile sulphur-containing compounds that are useful for future studies on this class of compounds. Materials and methods The roots of F. alliacea were collected during the flowering stage of plant, from Bezgh, Kashmar to Neishabour road, Khorasan-Razavi province, Iran, in June 2012. The oil was obtained by hydrodistillation using a Clevenger apparatus and analyzed by GC-MS. Results This is the first report on phytochemical analysis of F. alliacea roots. Seventy-six components, representing 99.5 of the oil, were characterized. The major components were 10-epi-γ-eudesmol (22.3), valerianol (12.5), hinesol (8.3), guaiol (7.3) and Z-propenyl-sec-butyl trisulphide (6.5). Predominant mass fragment ions of the identified sulphur-containing compounds are explained in this paper. Conclusion The volatile oil of F. alliacea mostly contains oxygenated sesquiterpenes, however, its odour was dominated by sulphur-containing compounds. The most abundant sulphur-containing compound includes Z-propenyl-sec-butyl trisulphide (6.5). © 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Apiaceae mintsulphide oleo-gum-resin asafoetida oxygenated sesquiterpenes essential oil eudesmol Ferula alliacea extract guaiol plant extract resin sesquiterpene sulfur terpenoid unclassified drug volatile agent sulfur derivative vegetable oil Article asafoetida controlled study Ferula alliacea gas chromatography hydrodistillation ionization Iran mass spectrometry medicinal plant nonhuman pharmacognosy plant development plant root chemical structure chemistry Ferula isolation and purification mass fragmentography phytotherapy Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Molecular Structure Oils, Volatile Plant Oils Plant Roots Plants, Medicinal Sulfur Compounds
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