Comparison of the hypothetical 57Co brachytherapy source with the 192Ir source

Toossi, M. T. B. and Ghorbani, M. and Rostami, A. and Khosroabadi, M. and Khademi, S. and Knaup, C. (2016) Comparison of the hypothetical 57Co brachytherapy source with the 192Ir source. Wspolczesna Onkologia, 20 (4). pp. 327-334.

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Aim of the study: The 57Co radioisotope has recently been proposed as a hypothetical brachytherapy source due to its high specific activity, appropriate half-life (272 days) and medium energy photons (114.17 keV on average). In this study, Task Group No. 43 dosimetric parameters were calculated and reported for a hypothetical 57Co source. Material and methods: A hypothetical 57Co source was simulated in MCNPX, consisting of an active cylinder with 3.5 mm length and 0.6 mm radius encapsulated in a stainless steel capsule. Three photon energies were utilized (136 keV 10.68%, 122 keV 85.60%, 14 keV 9.16%) for the 57Co source. Air kerma strength, dose rate constant, radial dose function, anisotropy function, and isodose curves for the source were calculated and compared to the corresponding data for a 192Ir source. Results: The results are presented as tables and figures. Air kerma strength per 1 mCi activity for the 57Co source was 0.46 cGyh-1 cm 2 mCi-1. The dose rate constant for the 57Co source was determined to be 1.215 cGyh-1U-1. The radial dose function for the 57Co source has an increasing trend due to multiple scattering of low energy photons. The anisotropy function for the 57Co source at various distances from the source is more isotropic than the 192Ir source. Conclusions: The 57Co source has advantages over 192Ir due to its lower energy photons, longer half-life, higher dose rate constant and more isotropic anisotropic function. However, the 192Ir source has a higher initial air kerma strength and more uniform radial dose function. These properties make 57Co a suitable source for use in brachytherapy applications.

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