Delayed Replantation of Two Avulsed Teeth: Case Report

Jooybarimoghadam, Maryam and Anaraki Firooz, Seyed Madi (2016) Delayed Replantation of Two Avulsed Teeth: Case Report. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 40 (3). pp. 297-302.

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Introduction:Generally observed in young children, dental avulsion is among the most serious dental injuries. If possible, immediate transplantation of the avulsed tooth is recommended as the treatment which usually leads to better prognosis. Case report: Two cases of delayed replantation of avulsed teeth were presented in this report. The first patient was a twenty-year-old male patient with a traumatic avulsed maxillary left lateral incisor occurring 20 hours prior to visit. Extraoral endodontic treatment, placement, repositioning, splinting and prescribing prophylactic antibiotic splint were carried out for our case during the first week. Splint was removed after six weeks. The second case was a sixteen-year-old boy with an avulsed maxillary right central incisor, which was kept in a dry place for 70 minutes and replanted in a different dental center. He was referred to us three days after the replantation. Splinting, root canal debridement and calcium hydroxide therapy were immediately performed at the first visit. Endodontic treatment was completed after four weeks, followed by the removal of the splint. Both teeth were in their functional position during the 1-year follow-up. Moreover, no radiographic or clinical symptoms of ankylosing were observed in the cases. Conclusion: According to the results, remaining in an extra-alveolar environment for an extended period (i.e., delayed replantation) might not affect the functionality of teeth in some cases.

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