The role of efferocytosis in autoimmune diseases

Abdolmaleki, F. and Farahani, N. and Hayat, S. M. G. and Pirro, M. and Bianconi, V. and Barreto, G. E. and Sahebkar, A. (2018) The role of efferocytosis in autoimmune diseases. Frontiers in Immunology, 9 (JUL).

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Apoptosis happens continuously for millions of cells along with the active removal of apoptotic debris in order to maintain tissue homeostasis. In this respect, efferocytosis, i.e., the process of dead cell clearance, is orchestrated through cell exposure of a set of "find me," "eat me, "and "tolerate me" signals facilitating the engulfment of dying cells through phagocytosis by macrophages and dendritic cells. The clearance of dead cells via phagocytes is of utmost importance to maintain the immune system tolerance to self-antigens. Accordingly, this biological activity prevents the release of autoantigens by dead cells, thus potentially suppressing the undesirable autoreactivity of immune cells and the appearance of inflammatory autoimmune disorders as systemic lupus erythematous and rheumatoid arthritis. In the present study, the apoptosis pathways and their immune regulation were reviewed. Moreover, efferocytosis process and its impairment in association with some autoimmune diseases were discussed. © 2018 Abdolmaleki, Farahani, Gheibi Hayat, Pirro, Bianconi, Barreto and Sahebkar.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Apoptosis Autoimmune disease Efferocytosis Phagocytosis Systemic lupus erythematous apoptotic protease activating factor 1 autoantigen autophagy related protein calreticulin caspase caspase recruitment domain protein 15 CD14 antigen fractalkine hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 2 interleukin 10 kidney injury molecule 1 lysophosphatidylcholine protein bcl 2 purinergic P2X receptor purinergic P2X7 receptor purinergic P2Y receptor Rho kinase sphingosine 1 phosphate toll like receptor 4 tumor necrosis factor receptor tumor necrosis factor receptor associated death domain protein anemia autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome Crohn disease dendritic cell immunological tolerance immunoregulation insulin dependent diabetes mellitus macrophage mitochondrial permeability multiple sclerosis nonhuman polyarthritis protein expression real time polymerase chain reaction Review rheumatoid arthritis systemic lupus erythematosus tumor microenvironment TUNEL assay ulcerative colitis
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