Molecular design and synthesis of new dithiocarbazate complexes; Crystal structure, bioactivities and nano studies

Yekke-Ghasemi, Z. and Takjoo, R. and Ramezani, M. and Mague, J. T. (2018) Molecular design and synthesis of new dithiocarbazate complexes; Crystal structure, bioactivities and nano studies. RSC Advances, 8 (73). pp. 41795-41809.

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The syntheses of a new set of metal complexes MoO 2 L′(CH 3 OH), VOL′(CH 3 O)(CH 3 OH), SnL′Cl 2 and SnL′I 2 with a new ligand (L = (2,2′(disulfanediylbis((ethylthio)methylene)bis(hydrazin-2-yl-1-ylidene)bis(methanylylidene)) diphenol; L′ = S-ethyl-3-(2-hydroxyphenyl)methylenedithiocarbazate are described along with characterization by elemental analysis, mass spectrometry, spectroscopic (IR, 1 H- and 13 C-NMR) and TGA techniques. The crystal structures of compounds were determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis and compared to powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) patterns of the nano complexes obtained using ultrasonic methods. The PXRD results indicate that the compounds synthesized by ultrasonic methods have high crystallinity. The compounds were evaluated in an in vitro cytotoxicity study with two human cancer cell lines. The results of this study revealed that all complexes exhibit good cytotoxic activity when compared to the clinical drug, cisplatin. Interaction of the samples with human serum albumin (HSA) was investigated using fluorescence spectrophotometric methods and the Stern-Volmer quenching constant (K SV ) and free energy changes (ΔG) were calculated at 298 K. The fluorescence quenching method is used to determine the number of binding sites (n) and association constants (K a ) at the same temperatures. © 2018 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Association reactions Binding sites Cell culture Complexation Fluorescence quenching Free energy Mass spectrometry Metal complexes Single crystals Spectrophotometry Spectroscopic analysis Synthesis (chemical) X ray powder diffraction Association constant Cytotoxic activities Fluorescence quenching method Free energy change Human serum albumins Powder X-ray diffraction (pXRD) Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis Spectro-photometric method Crystal structure
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