Co- Encapsulation of Vitamin D and Calcium for Food Fortification

Bostan, Aram and Ghaitaranpour, Arash (2019) Co- Encapsulation of Vitamin D and Calcium for Food Fortification. Journal of Nutrition,Fasting and Health, 7 (4 (Spe). pp. 229-239.

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Introduction: Getting enough vitamin D and Calcium is important in keeping bones healthy and reducing the risk of developing osteopenia or osteoporosis. Methods: Two types of calcium salts and vitamin D3 were used as core materials in modified starch microcapsules. The effect of sonication process and formulation on physicochemical properties of emulsion and final spray dried powder was investigated. Results: The results suggested applying ultra-sound homogenization in 80 of maximum power for 3 min were optimum process condition to fabricate emulsions. 16 different emulsion formulations were prepared and their physicochemical properties were studied. All emulsions had narrow size distribution and more than 79 encapsulation efficiency. According to particle size and encapsulation efficiency two formulations were selected and further characterized. Both calcium carbonate and stearate containing microcapsules had more than 89 encapsulation efficiency and their particle size were 2 and 2.5 μm, respectively. 70 of vitamin D preserved during 8 month in encapsulated form. Conclusion: The results indicated that vitamin D3 and calcium co-encapsulated microcapsules can be used to prolong the stability and improve the solubility of vitamin D3 for food applications.Â

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Modified starch,Ultra-sound homogenization,Encapsulation Efficiency
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