Improving Medical Student Knowledge of Serous Membrane Anatomy by Animal Dissection

Roozbehi, Amrollah and Delaviz, Hamdollah and Rad, Parastou (2015) Improving Medical Student Knowledge of Serous Membrane Anatomy by Animal Dissection. Future of Medical Education Journal, 5 (2). pp. 14-17.

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Background: Understanding some part of the human body such as serous membrane, peritoneal cavity, lesser sac and proper mesentery is difficult for medical students. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of animal dissection on improving medical student knowledge and view related viscera and serous membrane anatomy. Methods: In YUMS in 2011, sixty eight medical students were randomized to the animal dissection and usual teaching (group I) vs usual teaching alone (Group II) in thoracic anatomy. In abdominal part the position changed for both groups and in pelvis anatomy all student access to the both usual teaching and animal dissection. Post intervention knowledge and attitude questionnaires were completed. Independent t-test was used to analysis the data. Results: The group I had significant increase and decreased knowledge in thoracic and abdominal anatomy, respectively (15.8±3.1 and 15.1±1.4) in compare with the group II (14.1±1.1 and 16.1±1.4) (P<0.01). The result of exam in pelvic anatomy for group I (17.7±1.2) comparing to the group II (17.4± 1.8) was not significant (P=0.43). The result of the questionnaire demonstrated, 82 of the students believed that these methods could cover enough of serous anatomy knowledge and 96 stated that they understood the anatomy of the serous membrane and viscera. Also, 90 perceived that this method can create better situation for communication and help to the other medical students. Conclusions: It seems that the dissection of animal is very important in the education of anatomy practical course and could improve medical student knowledge and attitudes.

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