Acute, sub-acute and cell toxicity of Verbascoside

Etemad, L. and Zafari, R. and Vahdati-Mashhadian, N. and Adel Moallem, S. and Shirvan, Z. O. and Hosseinzadeh, H. (2015) Acute, sub-acute and cell toxicity of Verbascoside. Research Journal of Medicinal Plant, 9 (7). pp. 354-360.

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Verbascoside or acteoside is the most abundant phenylethanoid glycoside that possesses health beneficial pharmacological activities, including anti-nociceptive, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. Due to the wide range of pharmacological activities of verbascoside and insufficient data on the safety profile, the acute, subacute and cellular toxicity of verbascoside was determined. The acute and subacute toxicity of verbascoside was evaluated in mice after single intraperitoneal injection at the dose range of 0, 1, 2 and 5 g kg-1b.wt. (acute model) and 21 days administration at the dose range of 0, 10, 30 and 60 mg kg-1b.wt. (subacute model). In MTT assay, HepG2 and NIH cells were exposed to different concentrations of verbascoside. According to result, the LD<inf>50</inf>value of verbascoside was found to be greater than 5 g kg-1. In subacute toxicity study, no statistically significant differences were observed in the values of hematological, biochemical and pathological parameters in comparison with control group. The cytotoxicity assay revealed that the viability in all groups were greater than the IC<inf>50</inf>value. In conclusion, the results from the present study elucidate that verbascoside is well tolerated for both single and chronic administration and does not produce any toxic effects or deaths in animals. © 2015 Academic Journals Inc.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Acute toxicity Cell toxicity Sub-acute toxicity Verbascoside acteoside albumin alkaline phosphatase bilirubin cholesterol creatinine hemoglobin lactate dehydrogenase sodium chloride triacylglycerol urea albumin blood level alkaline phosphatase blood level animal experiment animal tissue Article autopsy bilirubin blood level blood biochemistry body weight brain toxicity cardiotoxicity cell viability cholesterol blood level colorimetry concentration response controlled study creatinine blood level cytotoxicity cytotoxicity assay death drug dose comparison drug safety drug tolerability erythrocyte count fluid intake food intake hematocrit hematological parameters hemoglobin blood level HepG2 cell line histopathology human human cell lactate dehydrogenase blood level LD50 leukocyte count liver toxicity lung toxicity male mortality mouse MTT assay nonhuman rat Scrophulariaceae single drug dose spleen disease spleen toxicity statistical significance thrombocyte count toxicity testing triacylglycerol blood level urea blood level Verbascum sinuatum
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