Evaluation of the Relationship between Cystatin C Level in Whole Saliva and Chronic Periodontitis

Najafi Neshli, Mohammad Hassan and Taheri, Morteza and Rafatpanah, Hooshang and Moeintaghavi, Amir and Mokhtari, Majid Reza and Mohammadzade Rezae, Maryam and Farazi, Fateme (2013) Evaluation of the Relationship between Cystatin C Level in Whole Saliva and Chronic Periodontitis. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 37 (3). pp. 185-200.

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Introduction: Chronic periodontitis is an infectious disease resulting in inflammation in tooth supporting tissues, advanced attachment loss and boneloss. Destructive process is a result of imbalance between analyzing enzymes suchas MMPs and their inhibitors. This imbalance can also occur with other enzymessuch as lysosomal cysteine proteinase, Katpsyn and their inhibitor such ascystatin. Cystatin C is a protein which controls activity of extracellular cysteineproteinase in inflammatory conditions. The aim of this study was to evaluatethe protective role of salivary cystatin C in periodental disease. Materials & Methods: Twenty six patients with chronic periodontitis examined by a periodontist andalso with a minimum pocket depth of six mm and more in at least eight locations inthe mouth were selected. To collect Totalnon-irritating saliva samples, the spitmethod was used. Salivary levels of cystatin C was evaluated by ELISA method. Data were analysed by SPSS version 11.5 software. Results: The level of cystatin C in periodontally diseased subjects was higherthan that of the control group, but the difference was not statistically significant(P=0.24). In the female group with control of age variant, thelevel of cystatin C was significantly higher in patients with periodontitis (P=0.036), whereas in male group, the difference was not significant(P=0.086). It seems that the lower periodontal destruction in female group is as aresult of higher level of cystatin C. Conclusion: The level of cystatin C in whole saliva could be used as a marker in chronic periodontitis.

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