Histopathologic Evaluation of Normal Radiolucent Space around Impacted Third Molar

Seyedmajidi, Maryam and Haghanifar, Sina and Foroughi, Ramin and Hajiahmadi, Mahmood and Mohammadpoor, Neda (2011) Histopathologic Evaluation of Normal Radiolucent Space around Impacted Third Molar. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 35 (2). pp. 99-106.

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Introduction: The follicular tissue around impacted third molar has a potential to develop to different lesions. However, it is generally accepted that the absence of abnormal radiolucency indicates the presence of a normal follicle. The aim of this study was to histopathologically evaluate the normal pericoronal radiolucencies associated with impacted third molars. Materials &amp; Methods: The follicular space of 104 third molars with normal follicular space (<2.5mm) in panoramic radiographs was measured. Under local anesthesia, tooth and its follicle were taken out by surgical procedure and after necessary steps, were histopathologically evaluated. Data were analyzed by fisher's exact test, chi-square and logestic regression (a=0.05). Results: Thirty eight cases (36.5) of all follicles had been collected from male, and 63.5 (66 cases) from female patients. 92 follicles (88.5) had been taken out of mandible and 12 follicles (11.5) from maxilla. Of the specimens submitted, 41.3 (43 cases) showed cystic changes equivalent to that in dentigerous cysts. Cystic changes in dental follicles were significantly higher in patients over 20 years of age (P<0.0001). No significant difference was detected between sex of patients and cystic changes in follicles (P>0.05). Impacted third molars with normal pericoronal radiolucency more than 1.5 mm showed cystic changes in 63.3 of the cases. Conclusion: This study confirms the idea that the risk of cystic changes increases with age. Considering the high incidence of cystic changes in pericoronal radiolucencies associated with impacted third molars, this study suggests prophylactic removal of impacted third molar.

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