The Effects of Evidence Based Medical Education on Learning of First Aids

Assadi, Negar (2012) The Effects of Evidence Based Medical Education on Learning of First Aids. Future of Medical Education Journal, 2 (4). pp. 38-41.

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Background: Teaching of theoretical and practical first aids are important courses for medical sciences students. If these courses are taught with Evidence Based Medicine(EBM), they will be learned better by students. The objective of this study was the determination of the effect of evidence based medical education on learning of first aids. Methods: This study had been performed inthe planning of educational course, as across-sectional study. The cource was in accordance with the Iran’s Mininstery of Helth Carriculum for teaching first Aids to Medical Students. The study was performed in Mashhad University of Medical Sciencesin in 2011. Medical students randomly devided to two groups. In group 1 First aids was taught in traditional style. The students’ score in final exam was compand between 2 study groups. Results:The mean score of theoretical first aids in group 1 was 18.83±1.16, the minimum was 16.50 and the maximum was 20, in group 2, it was 19.28±0.40, the minimum was 18.25 and the maximum was 20 with t=-1.563 and P=0.134 without any significant differences. The mean theoretical first aids score of two groups were not significantly different (group1: 18.25±1.116 min 16.5 max: 20 vs. group2: 19.28±0.40 Min: 18.25 Max: 20, t: -4.52 P:0.001). The mean grade of practical first aids in group 1 was 18.88±0.94, the minimum was 17 and the maximum was 20, in group 2 it was 19.92±0.23, minimum 19 and maximum 20 with t=-4.515 and P=0.001 with significant differences. Conclusion: Evidence based medical education might beneficial for the learning of practical and some subjectof theoretical first aids.

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