Nose Prosthesis Fabrication Attached to Maxillary Obturator by Prosthesis Magnet

Gharechahi, Jafar and Saboori, AmirAbbas (2009) Nose Prosthesis Fabrication Attached to Maxillary Obturator by Prosthesis Magnet. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 33 (1). pp. 83-88.

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Introduction: Relatively high prevalence of facial deficiencies caused by trauma and the need for ablative surgeries in maxillofacial cancers, cause aesthetic and functional problems for patients which can be rehabilitated with surgery, prosthesis or both of them. Prosthetic reconstruction for these patients has many advantages such as controlling wound healing, aesthetic, easy and non expensive treatment. In this article the process for nose prosthesis fabrication with silicon materials has been presented step by step. Results: A 49 year-old female patient with past medical history of diabetes mellitus that had rhino-cerebral mucormycosis following by diabetic coma and had under gone ablative surgery in hospital. The resected regions in this surgery included nasal septum, superior, Middle and inferior conchea, anterior wall of ethmoid sinus, middle wall of maxillary sinus and anterior wall of sphenoid sinus, in addition to parts of hardpalate (maxillary anterior alveolar segment). She said that after the surgery, she rarely showed up in the public and always covered the defect with a guaze. Her speech was completely hypernasal and she had difficulty in swallowing. For satisfying her functional and aesthetic needs, a nasal silicon prosthesis attached to obturator prosthesis in maxilla with magnet retention was fabricated. Conclusion: Reconstruction of Midface deficiencies according to defect region, its extension and patient's age can be accompolished with surgery, prosthesis or a combination of both approaches. In this patient, a nasal prosthesis and maxillary obturator was fabricated. In this article nasal prosthesis fabrication step by step was explained.

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