Theoretical study of functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube (5, 5) with Mitoxantrone drug

Shojaie, F. and Dehghan, M. (2016) Theoretical study of functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube (5, 5) with Mitoxantrone drug. Nanomedicine Journal, 3 (2). pp. 115-126.

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Objective(s): First principles calculations were performed to study four multiple sclerosis drugs namely, Ampyra, Fingolimod, Mitoxantrone and Eliprodil in gas and liquid phases using Density Functional Theory (DFT). Computational chemistry simulations were carried out to compare calculated quantum chemical parameters for Ampyra, Fingolimod, Mitoxantrone and Eliprodil. Materials and Methods: All calculations were performed using DMol3 code which is based on DFT. The Double Numerical basis set with Polarization functions (DNP) was used.Results: Mitoxantrone has highest HOMO energy, global softness, solvation energy and molecular mass and lowest LUMO energy, energy gap, global hardness and total energy in comparison to Ampyra, Fingolimod and Eliprodil in gas and solvent phases. Calculations were carried out to study the interaction of covalently binding Mitoxantrone to functionalized carbon nanotube. The Mitoxantrone local reactivity was studied through the Fukui indices in order to predict both the reactive centers and the possible sites of nucleophilic and electrophilic attacks. The Mitoxantrone binding energy is calculated to be 6.507 eV in gas phase and -9.943 eV in solvent phase that is a decrease in BE as the drug phase changes from gas to liquid.Conclusion: The simulation results show Mitoxantrone is quite a reactive drug. The quantum chemical parameters of pristine nanotube and f-SWNT-Mitoxantrone showed that reactivity of f-SWNT-Mitoxantrone increased in comparison to pristine nanotube in both phases.

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