A Comparative Study between Treatment Outcomes of Class I Cases Treated by Begg and Edgewise Orthodontic Systems

Sahafian, AbbasAli and Heravi, Farzin and Oshagh, Morteza (2007) A Comparative Study between Treatment Outcomes of Class I Cases Treated by Begg and Edgewise Orthodontic Systems. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 31 (3). pp. 201-208.

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Introduction: Today there are two common and different systems available for orthodontic treatments: Begg and Edgewise techniques. Occlusal indices have the greatest reliability for comparing treatment outcomes, so in this study we used Peer Assessment Rating index for comparison of treatment outcomes of these two systems. Peer Assessment Rating index evaluates buccal occlusion (Antero-posterior, vertical and transverse), overjet, overbite and midline by scoring them. The purpose of this study which has been conducted for the first time, was to compare occlusal PAR index in class I patients treated by means of Begg and Edgewise methods. Materials & Methods: In this cross sectional study, 120 pre-treatment models of 60 class I patients were evaluated by Peer Assessment Rating index. (30 class I patients with Begg method and 30 class I patients treated with edgewise method were selected randomly from two separate private clinics). Pre-treatment PAR indices in both groups were comparable. Changes in PAR index after treatment was compared between the two groups. Result were analyzed by general linear model and mANOVA. Results: Sex and age distribution between the two groups were matching. Using PAR index, only improvement in buccal occlusion in Begg group was more significant than edgewise group. Considering total PAR index, no significant difference was obtained between the two groups, although duration of treatment in Begg method was significantly shorter than Edgewise. Conclusion: Occlusal outcomes (total PAR index) were similar in Begg and Edgewise methods. Treatment results by Begg method accomplished in shorter duration than Edgewise treatment. Key words: Begg, Edgewise, PAR (Peer assessment rating).

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