Fanconi Anemia Concurrent with an Unusual Thumb Polydactyly: A Case Report

Afshar, Ahmadreza (2016) Fanconi Anemia Concurrent with an Unusual Thumb Polydactyly: A Case Report. The Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery, 4 (2). pp. 185-187.

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 This case report presents a case of Fanconiâ��s Anemia with an unusual thumb polydactyly in a 2-year old boy. The extra thumb had no nail, nail bed and distal phalanx. The extra thumb had no active motion.The duplication of the thumb occurred at the carpometacarpal joint but its morphology did not match with any classification described for thumb polydactyly. Although his thumb polydactyly was apparent at birth, Fanconiâ��s anemia was not suspected until during a routine pre-operative laboratory test (CBC) for the elective surgery of his thumb. An early diagnosis of FA is important and the hand surgeons may be the first to have the opportunity to suspect and diagnose the underlying life threatening disorder. This case report presented an opportunity to diagnosis a fatal disorder by a routine pre operative laboratory test. To the best of my knowledge, the phenotype of the thumb polydactyly of the current case has not yet reported. Â

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