In vitro Investigation of the Amount of Targis Wear Comparded to Enamel, Porcelain and Composite

Ghanbarzadeh, Jalil and Goharian, Reza and Atighi, Hamid (2007) In vitro Investigation of the Amount of Targis Wear Comparded to Enamel, Porcelain and Composite. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 31 (Issue). pp. 105-110.

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Introduction: In an ideal situation, the wear resistance of a restorative material should be similar to dental enamel. This study was performed to observe the wear resistance of targis wear compared with porcelain, composite, and natural enamel. Materials & Methods: In this in vitro study, 120 samples (2×8×13mm) were prepared including 60 Targis samples (140 Dentin Targis veneered with S1 Incisal Targis), 20 porcelain samples (VITA VMK95-A2 Incisal), 20 composite samples (Tetric-ceram HB-A2) and 20 natural enamel samples (buccal surface of maxillary central tooth). The samples were mounted in Acrylic block and placed in a wearing machine (periods=30000 times, frequence=198 cycles per second, pressure=300gr invironment=artifitial saliva solution) after finishing by silicone carbide paper (240- 1000) for 20 minutes. The samples were studied in three groups: Targis-Porcelain, Targis-Composite and TargisEnamel. Vertical reduction of each sample was measured by a digital caliper (Mitutoyo, Japan) with a precision of 0.01mm. The results were analyzed by a T-test and SPSS software. Results: Porcelain was 3.5 times more resistant to wear than Targis and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). The wear resistance of targis was not significantly different from Tetric ceram HB composite (P>0.05). When compared to enamel, it was observed that Targis was less wear resistant but the difference was not significant (P>0.05). Conclusion: According to the results, targis, having suitable mechanical properties, maybe a good alternative for porcelain composite. Key words: Wear, targis, porcelain, composite, enamel.

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