Microleakage evaluation of four luting cements in full coverage base metal crowns

Salari, Taghi and Ghavamnasiri, Marjaneh and Goharian, Reza and Maleknejad, Fatemeh (2004) Microleakage evaluation of four luting cements in full coverage base metal crowns. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 28 (Issue). pp. 193-198.

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Introduction: It is thought that the most important factor for pulpal stimulation and necrosis is the microleakage of intracoronal and extracoronal restoration. A luting cement with a favorable seal and the least bacterial leakage should be selected. The purpose of this study was to compare the microleakage of four luting cements: Zinc phoshate, zinc polycarboxylate, glass ionomer and panavia F and also three finishing margins: deep chamfer, shoulder, and shoulder bevel, when been applied with porcelain fused to base metal crowns. Materials &amp; Methods: In this parallel interventional study, 96 intact human premolars were selected and divided into three groups of 32 based on the type of finishing line. Each group was randomly divided into four subgroups of 8, based on the type of luting cement. After cementation, the specimens were thermocycled. Dye penetration was done by 0.5 fushin. The data were statistically analyzed using Kruskal Wallis and Mann-Whitney test (α =0.05). Results: There was a significant difference among cements in respect to mean rank of microleakage (P<0.05) There was a significant difference in mean rank of cements after two by two comparison. (P<0.05). The least microleakage was observed in Panavi F followed by glass ionomer and zinc polycarboxylate. ‏The greatest microleakage was observed in zinc phosphate cement. Conclusion: Panavia F as a luting cement could create suitable seal for base metal crown due to its ability in producing the least microleakage and adhesion to dental tissue.

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