The evaluation of biologic width reconstruction after applying the two methods of periodontal surgery

Sargolazaee, Naser and Arab, HamidReza and Rahmani Shirvani, MohammadEbrahim (2004) The evaluation of biologic width reconstruction after applying the two methods of periodontal surgery. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 28 (Issue). pp. 199-204.

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Introduction: The biologic width is invaded by different factors, among them, the periodontal surgery could be mentioned, especially when accompanied by bone contouring. The aim of this study was to determine the changes of alveolar crest which participate in the reconstruction of biologic width after applying two methods of periodontal surgery. Materials and Methods: 20 patients were selected from the special clinic of Mashhad Dental School and after initial therapy, the surgical treatment were performed by a single operator. Since the study technique was cross over with split mouth design, at one side apically positioned flap (APF) with bone exposure and at the opposite side the APF without bone exposure were perfomed. The distance between CEJ to bone crest was determined. After two months the patients were examined for the same parameters by sounding technique. For analysis of data, paired t-student test was used. Results: The results showed that at sites of apically positioned flap with bone exposure, the crestal resorption was 0.77±0.63 mm and on the opposite side it was 1.05±0.19mm. The difference before and after surgery in each area was significant but the difference between two sides was not significant. Conclusion: It was concluded that crestal resorption observed following two periodontal surgery methods plays an important role in reconstruction of biologic width.

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