Bond Strength Between Opaque T14and Dentin-D4in PFM System and comparing them with Vita Porcelain Powder

Ghahremanloo, Ahmad and Yossefi, Abbas (2003) Bond Strength Between Opaque T14and Dentin-D4in PFM System and comparing them with Vita Porcelain Powder. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 27 (Issue). pp. 49-56.

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Introduction: Dental porcelain is one of the best materials ever used in dentistry. Excellent tissue compatibility, esthetics, very low solubility in oral fluids, high compressive strength, and the lowest bacterial plaque accumulation on the glazed porcelain are some of its advantages. Porcelain brittleness due to its low tensile strength and impact strength, and occlusal attrition of opposing tooth enamel are some of its disadvantages. Different ways have been proposed to eliminate the brittleness of porcelain and strengthen it, of which baking porcelain on a metal framework is more commonly used. Restoration and replacement of the teeth by porcelain fused to metal restorations is still the most commonly used approach, so we tried to produce porcelain dentin powder. Materials & Methods: To test the bond strength between opaque Ti14 and Dentin D4, and compare it with vita porcelain, 30 porcelain disks with 4mm thickness were made (2mm opaque and 2mm Dentin). 10 samples of Vita opaque and Vita Dentin and 10 samples of opaque Ti14 and Dentin D4 and 10 samples of vita opaque and Dentin D4 were tested using an impact test machine. Results: Samples were observed under light and scanning electronic microscope for the quality of bond. There was no significant difference between Dentin D4, opaque T114 and Dentin-Vita, opaque-Vita. The quality of bond was also identical and no microcrack was observed according to microscopic examination. Conclusion: The bond strength between opaque T114 and Dentin D4 with opaque-Vita and Dentin-Vita is not significant difference from aspect quantity and quality.

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