Periosteal Reactions and A Case Report

Imani Moghaddam, Mahrokh (2003) Periosteal Reactions and A Case Report. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 27 (Issue). pp. 75-84.

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Introduction: New bone productions, a frequent feature in many bone diseases , may originate from normal bone forming elements (trabeculae and periosteum) or from tumor cells. Although osteogenic and chondrogenic tumors alone are able to produce new bone, some neoplasms, infections, trauma and some other diseases can initiate reactional osteogenesis. It is of paramount importance to distinguish one from the other. The purpose of this study was recognition of different types of periosteal reactions which are helpful in differential diagnosis radiologically. Here is a report of a rare case of buccal cyst with periosteal reaction. Results : The CT scan technique, panoramic and periapical radiography didn’t show the periosteal reaction in this buccal cyst and periosteal activity with onion-skin pattern was well apparent in cross-sectional occlusal technique. conclusion: Regarding the overview of different periosteal reactions, it can be concluded that the recognition of different radiographic patterns and choosing the proper radiographic technique accompanied with clinical finding, helps us in final dioagnosis of bony lesions.

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