Predicting marital satisfaction on the basis of attachment styles and differentiation components

beirami, mansour (2012) Predicting marital satisfaction on the basis of attachment styles and differentiation components. Journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health, 14 (53). pp. 66-77.

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Family is a natural social system thatcouples are its major subsystems in the all of stages of itsdevelopment, and (the marital satisfaction of them isdeterminant in the both state of causal and target) manyfactors such as attachment styles and differentiationcomponents play a role in their marital satisfaction. Theaim of this research was to predict marital satisfaction onthe basis of attachment styles and differentiationcomponents.Materials and Methods: This research was a fundamentaland descriptive research that was done in the shape of apredictive correlative design. The statistical universe in thisresearch, were married workers of Tabriz University andTabriz Medical Sciences University in academic year 2010-2011. 200 people were chosen from this universe byconsidering the gender. After cutting the deficient cases,sample size reduced to 184 people. The age range ofsubjects was from 23 until 54. Enrich marital satisfactiontest, Skowron differentiation of self and Hazen and Shaverattachment styles inventory were used for gathering thedata. Correlation and stepwise regression were used fordata analysis.Results: The results showed that from components ofdifferentiation of self, I- position and from components ofattachment styles, ambivalent attachment style (P<0.001)are the best predictors of marital satisfaction.Conclusion: The research results support from this beliefthat the primary relationship in family environment, causethe shaping of special attachment style and states of low orhigh differentiation and these primary experiences havedirect effect on couples' interpersonal relationship inadulthood. Â

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