Fasting consequences during Ramadan on lipid profile and dietary patterns

Pirsaheb, Sondos and Pasdar, Yahya and Navabi, Seied Jafar and Rezaei, Mansour and Darbandi, Mitra and Niazi, Parisa (2013) Fasting consequences during Ramadan on lipid profile and dietary patterns. Journal of Fasting and Health, 1 (1). pp. 6-12.

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Introduction: The aim was to assess the effects on lifestyle and lipid profile while fasting during holy month of Ramadan. Material and Methods: An interventional cohort study designed with 160 subjects who were fasting during Ramadan recruited from different mosques in Kermanshah. Data were collected in three stages at the beginning and at the end of Ramadan as well as one month following Ramadan using demographic and FFQ questionnaires. Blood pressure was measured and a 5 ml blood sample was collected in order to measure BUN, Creatinine, and lipid profile analysis. Results: Significant increases was observed in total cholesterol (P=0.02), LDL-C (P=0.001), HDL-C (P=0.001), and BUN (P=0.002) following Ramadan compared with earlier measurements. Triglyceride (TG) level decreased following Ramadan (P=0.04) but returned to the same level one month later. Systolic blood pressure increased and diastolic blood pressure decreased during fasting period. There was a significant decrease in cereals, dairy products, and meat consumption while consumption of fruits and vegetables have been increased during Ramadan (P=0.003). Conclusion: Our results revealed increased levels of T-Chol and LDL-C in fasting as well as HDL-C. Increased HDL-C may prevent the side effects of T-Chol and LDL-C in healthy subjects. Given the metabolic changes that occurred during Ramadan, healthy eating and intake of low fat and low sugar diet during Ramadan are highly recommended.

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