Clinical and Electrophysiological Report of a Unilateral Retinitis Pigmentosa Case

MR, Sedaghat and S.A, Askari and R, Afshar (2014) Clinical and Electrophysiological Report of a Unilateral Retinitis Pigmentosa Case. Journal of Patient Safety & Quality Improvement, 2 (2). pp. 106-109.

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Introduction: To describe clinical and electrophysiological features of a patient with unilateral Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Case: A 29-year-old female with a long history of progressive visual disturbance in the right eye has undergone multiple eye examinations during the past eight years. There was nothing noticeable in her past medical and ocular history. Comprehensive eye examinations were done in the first visit. All data was suggestive of right eye RP. Posterior segment fundal examination findings were: a pallor waxy disc, vessel attenuation, and extended pigmentary degeneration of the mid-peripheral retina. The left eye examination was normal. Comparing the automated 60 degree and 30 degree visual fields of both eyes obviously showed significant defects in the right eye visual field but normal in the left eye. All of the probable infectious agents, which can cause similar ocular manifestations, were ruled out by serological tests. The standard photopic and scotopic electroretinographies were significantly reduced in amplitude in the right eye; however, they were normal in the left eye. Also, the standard Electro-Oculography (EOG) results were the same as the Electro-Retinography (ERG) ones in both eyes. Eye examinations were normal in other family members. Over an eight-year follow-up period, progressive deteriorating vision has gradually become more noticeable in the right eye. The left eye has been completely normal since. This data was compatible with the Francois and Verriesr unilateral RP diagnostic criteria. Conclusion: Clinical signs and symptoms, a minimum of a five-year follow-up period, and confirmatory ERG and EOG are very helpful to diagnose andaffirm the case of unilateral RP.

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