Factor structure, reliability and validity of Religious Attitude Scale

ebrahimi, amrolalah (2008) Factor structure, reliability and validity of Religious Attitude Scale. Journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health, 10 (38). pp. 107-116.

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The aim of this study was to determine reliability, factor structure and validity of Religious Attitude Scale (RAS) and to refine it in order to assess patient�s religious attitude. Methods and Materials: Eighty outpatients were randomly selected from Noor and Navabsafavi Psychiatric Centers in Isfahan. Eighty non-patients, matched with the given sample in regard to sex, age and education, were also selected. The two groups were assessed by RAS, Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS) and General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28). The results were analyzed by SPSS software and factor analysis and reliability analysis were used. Results: Factor analysis resulted in four dimensions. Inter correlation and Cronbach's alpha was calculated. According to data analysis unrelated questions were omitted. Finally, a 25-item version was provided and reassessed. Cronbach's alpha and Spearman-Brown were 0.954 and 0.948 respectively. Construct validity was established through correlation between RAS�R and GHQ-28 scores among mood and obsessive compulsive outpatients and addition between factors and items. Conclusion: With regard to physical and psychological condition of the patients, the 25-item version of RAS is preferred to 40-item version in clinical settings. Psychometric properties of RAS-R were improved and suggested as a valid instrument to assess religious attitude of both clinical and general population.

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