The Efficacy of Community-Based Intervention in Prevention of Self-Immolation

ahmadi, ali (2007) The Efficacy of Community-Based Intervention in Prevention of Self-Immolation. Journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health, 9 (36). pp. 63-75.

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Suicide by burning oneself is rare in developed countries, but more frequent in developing countries. Based on Iranian official data, 27 to 36 of patients may who committed suicide were via deliberate self-burning. Self-immolation caused up to 37 of all admissions to in Iran burn centers. Approximately 80 of hospitalized self-immolation patients die. All descriptive self-immolation studies in Iran emphasize the need for implementing prevention programs. The Objective of this study was describing the effectiveness of a community based program targeting prevention of self-immolation. Methods and Material: In a Quasi experimental project, the populations of two Iranian cities; Gilangharb (Intervention) and Sarpolzahab (Reference); were participants in this intervention study. Hospital data collection on self-immolation patients and suicide attempts (all mechanisms) was made from March 21 1999 to March 20 2003. The first 12 months of the study provided baseline data, while the last 3 years comprised of a community based intervention, using a mix of passive and active interventions. Videos showing victim stories were an important component in the prevention program. Results: Compared to baseline, the mean self-immolation attempts rate decreased by 57 after the implementation of the intervention in Gilangharb (P<0.05). Moreover, in Gilangharb a 19 decrease of suicide attempts (all mechanisms) was observed while the corresponding reference city rate increased by 24 (n.s.). While the suicide attempt rates were similar in the two populations during baseline, the mean rates observed during the intervention period differed significantly (p<0.001). Conclusions: A community prevention program targeting self-immolation can be effective. Local data and the showing of videos depicting victim stories from self-immolation attempts provided a stimulus for community action.

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