The neuromuscular response of patients with acute ankle instability in balance recovery

Qorbani, M (2014) The neuromuscular response of patients with acute ankle instability in balance recovery. Journal of Paramedical Sciences & Rehabilitation, 3 (2). pp. 69-77.

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Purpose: Acute lateral ankle sprains are the most common injuries referred to emergency departments. The purpose of this study was an overview of the balance recovery mechanism to provide a perspicuous understanding of effects of this trauma on the joint for clinicians to prevent further imposition among chronic ankle instability. Methods: The treadmill protocol was used as a dynamic balance test with simulating fall upon 4 posture stabilizer muscles; medialis gastrocnemius / tibialis anterior / vastus medialis (VM) and erector spinae in L3 during sudden acceleration in base of support/ in two sides of the body (involved/ uninvolved as left and right) in sudden acceleration in forward and backward directions upon 20 adult women in two groups (10 LAS subjects with the mean of age; 23.9 ± 2.03 yrs and 10 normal subjects with the mean of age; 26.4 ± 3.2 yrs). The data of (electromyography) were assessed by using one- way repeated measures 2×2×4 ANOVA and multivariate test (P< 0.05). Results: The results showed a significant interaction in muscle by direction. Significantly higher TA activity was shown in LAS group compared to normal group in forward direction. Significantly higher MG activity in right side of body was demonstrated in normal group than LAS group in backward direction. These findings suggest that by comparison of two sides of the body in two directions for 4 muscles electromyography activation/ significantly symmetric in LAS group than normal group was observed. Conclusion: Acute ankle instability with alternation in neuromusculoskeletal system may affect the dynamic balance control in patient with lateral ankle sprains.

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