Values of troponin T and myoglobin predictive of non-cardiac ischemia in rats

Guclu, Orkut and Caliskan, Ahmet and Karahan, Oguz and Demirtas, Sinan and Yazici, Suleyman and Yavuz, Celal and Mavitas, Binali (2014) Values of troponin T and myoglobin predictive of non-cardiac ischemia in rats. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, 17 (5). pp. 318-321.

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Objective(s):Biochemical markers are important for the timely diagnosis and follow-up of ischemic events. Most of the markers have been previously studied in the context of cardiac ischemia. However, research on markers of non-cardiac events has been insufficient. Therefore, we investigated the relationship between troponin and myoglobin which are commonly used markers of cardiac ischemia, in non-cardiac ischemia. Materials and Methods: Forty-eight rats were equally divided into six groups. Group I was the control group. Group II was the sham group and received a simple laparotomy. The superior mesenteric artery was clamped in groups III and IV in order to create mesenteric ischemia. The left femoral artery was clamped in groups V and VI in order to create peripheral ischemia. Intracardiac blood samples were taken from all groups (during the 3rd hour of ischemia in groups III and V and the 6th hour of ischemia in group IV and VI) and troponin T and myoglobin levels were measured. Results: Troponin and myoglobin levels were statistically similar in groups I and II. Moreover, increments were detected for troponin and myoglobin in ischemia groups according to group I and II. Furthermore, higher troponin Tlevels were detected after three hours of mesenteric ischemia and higher myoglobin values were observed after six hours of mesenteric ischemia (P<0.05). Conclusion: Troponin T and myoglobin are not specific for non-cardiac ischemia, and they may be useful for detecting other ischemic events.

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