Immunohistological and electrophysiological characterization of Globose basal stem cells

Thakur, Avinash and Muniswami, Duraimurugan and Tharion, George and Kanakasabapathy, Indirani (2014) Immunohistological and electrophysiological characterization of Globose basal stem cells. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, 17 (4). pp. 278-286.

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Objective(s): In the past few decades, variety of foetal, embryonic and adult stem and progenitor cells have been tried with conflicting outcome for cell therapy of central nervous system injury and diseases. Cellular characteristics and functional plasticity of Globose basal stem cells (GBCs) residing in the olfactory epithelium of rat olfactory mucosa have not been studied in the past by the neuroscientists due to unavailability of specific markers for GBCs. In the present research, we standardized some techniques to isolate GBCs from rat olfactory epithelium in pure form using a highly selective GBC-III antibody passaged through fluorescence activated cell sorter (FACS). We also characterized these cells immunohistologically using various pluripotent stem cell markers. This work also throws some light on ionic channels present on these stem cells which are responsible for their neuron induction potential. Materials and methods:Globose basal stem cells were isolated from rat olfactory epithelium using GBC-III antibody and were characterized as multipotent stem cells using various neural progenitor markers. Ionic channels on GBCs were studied with voltage clamping. Results:GBCs could be isolated in pure (99 purity) form and were found to be stained positive for all neural progenitor cell markers. Voltage gated Na+ channels were completely absent, which proves the unexcitable nature of GBCs. Leaky K+ channels were found to be present on the GBC which was of no significance. Conclusion: This research work can be helpful in understanding the nature T1 of these stem cells and utilising them in future as potent candidates for neuro-regenerative therapies.

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