Dissemination of Research in Medical Toxicology; the Way Forward

Afshari, Reza (2013) Dissemination of Research in Medical Toxicology; the Way Forward. Asia Pacific Journal of Medical Toxicology, 2 (4). p. 120.

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The Asia Pacific Journal of Medical Toxicology (APJMT) was born in December 2012 to open up new perspectives for dissemination of research in medical toxicology. It was also created to expand the science of medical toxicology, addiction morbidities, drug interactions and adverse effects in the Asia Pacific region (1,2). The journal has attracted the support of medical toxicologists from different countries around the world to take part as members of the editorial board. The journal received its first notice of being indexed in a well-known database (Chemical Abstracts Service) in March 2013. It has been listed in EBSCO, Index Copernicus and DOAJ since July 2013. These achievements would not be possible without contribution of the authors of previous issues and the great support of the editorial board and the reviewers from different parts of the world. We are grateful to all of them. The articles of the previous issues were written by authors form diverse countries (mostly form the Asia Pacific region and also from Africa, Europe and the United states). In addition, various aspects of medical toxicology including epidemiology, new treatments, prognosis of poisoned patients and psychiatric basis of poisoning have been covered. During the 12th annual congress of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology (APAMT), an editorial board meeting of the APJMT was held in which the members of the editorial board had a chance to share their ideas about the present and future of the journal. The discussion was mostly upon three essential questions: What is the current status of the journal? Most members expressed that one of the advantages of the journal is that it has been accepted by the Asian Pacific scientists as a reliable regional journal to publish their works. Moreover, the journal has been published regularly and this could strengthen the journal credibility so that it has been accepted by reliable indexing databases.  What are our defects and obstacles? Several members believed that the major obstacle of the journal is lack of an established reputation. In addition, there is a favor towards other peer reviewed journals outside the region by some of the APAMT members. Hence no other way remains for the journal except increasing the visibility and trying for being indexed in other high rank databases. In this regard, nearly all journal board members pointed out that gaining recognition by marked indexing databases including Medline and Science Citation Index should be our main objective. Furthermore, the weakness of methodology of some of manuscripts submitted to the journal was stated as a defect. What should we do to overcome the obstacles and to develop the journal? The solutions and recommendations for overcoming obstacles and developing the journal can be categorized as follow: Being compulsive about excellent peer-review of the manuscripts submitted to the journal. Inviting experienced authors for writing review articles about controversial subjects in medical toxicology. Inviting scientists from other parts of the world to contribute their works to the journal. Communication with all national and international societies for introducing the APJMT as their official or supported journal. Applying for being indexed in Medline and Science Citation Index. In conclusion, the journal has been moved ahead and will be propelled forward by the assistance of great scientists around the world to conquer higher peaks. We also should not forget that the journal has been established to empower medical toxicology in the region (3), and so we should focus on helping junior scientists in the region to improve and publish their genuine works. I would like to thank the editorial board members including A. Bhala, J. Brent, K. Brusin, F. R. Chowdhury, B. Dadpour, P. Due, R. Fernando, B. Megarbane, S. M. Monzavi, D. Roberts, and W. Temple, for participating in the meeting or sending their valuable opinions via email about the current status and future plan of the journal.

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