Production of Recombinant Adenovirus Containing Human Interlukin-4 Gene

Mojarrad, Majid and Abdolazimi, Yassan and Hajati, Jamshid and Modarressi, Mohammad Hossein (2011) Production of Recombinant Adenovirus Containing Human Interlukin-4 Gene. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, 14 (6). pp. 551-559.

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Objective(s) Recombinant adenoviruses are currently used for a variety of purposes, including in vitro gene transfer, in vivo vaccination, and gene therapy. Ability to infect many cell types, high efficiency in gene transfer, entering both dividing and non dividing cells, and growing to high titers make this virus a good choice for using in various experiments. In the present experiment, a recombinant adenovirus containing human IL-4 coding sequence was made. IL-4 has several characteristics that made it a good choice for using in cancer gene therapy, controlling inflammatory diseases, and studies on autoimmune diseases. Materials and Methods In brief, IL-4 coding sequence was amplified by PCR and cloned in pAd-Track-CMV. Then, by means of homologous recombination between recombinant pAd-Track-CMV and Adeasy-' plasmid in bacteria, recombinant adenovirus complete genome was made and IL-4 containing shuttle vector was incorporated into the viral backbone. After linearization, for virus packaging, viral genome was transfected into HEK-293 cell line. Viral production was conveniently followed with the aid of green fluorescent protein. Results Recombinant adenovirus produced here, was capable to infecting cell lines and express interlukin-4 in cell. Conclusion This system can be used as a powerful, easy, and cost benefit tool in various studies on cancer gene therapy and also studies on immunogenetics.

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