Investigation of anthropometry pattern of lips as a diagnostic marker for individual man with autism in the fars Families

Shokri, Hasan and Mahdavishahri, Naser and Moharreri, Fatemeh and Khayatzade, Jina (2017) Investigation of anthropometry pattern of lips as a diagnostic marker for individual man with autism in the fars Families. medical journal of mashhad university of medical sciences, 60 (1). pp. 399-408.

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Introduction: Autistic spectrum disorders syndrome with continuous failure in communication, social interaction, limited interests and other behavioral symptoms and bad prognosis is associated with multiple complications and problems.Anthropometry is the science of linear and angular dimensions measurment on live skeletal system. Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the lips may provide useful information in various medical fields. Therefore, in order to identify individuls and develop anthropometric medical reserch anthropometric features of the lips can be used. In is research the main goal was to examine the possibility of the above-mentioned relationship. Procedure:In this research, in a 6-month period from the end of 1394 to the beginning of 1395 , a number of 37 male children 3-18 years old with autistic spectrum disorders and 43 healthy male children 3-16, who were residing in Mashhad Persian ethnic groups, were studied. These people did not have inflammation, herpes simplex, or congenital malformations such as cleft lip.. Anthropometric measurement of  the width of the mouth (ch-ch), filtrum width (cph-cph), length filtrum (sn-ls), Vermilion height of the upper lip (ls-sto), lower lip Vermilion height (sto-li), total height (ls-li) and total area Vermilion lips on Computer-generated images and MIP software, were measured. Data were evaluated statistically using SPSS software, polynomial regression and ANOVA models (P<0.001). Results:Investigation of lips dimensions in Persian males with autism compared between the two groups of patients and healthy subjects. Mouth width variables, upper lip height, the height of the lips and lip area are more in the group of patients than in healthy group, while the height of lip to the nose of healthy people is more in patient groups. Lower lip height and filtrum width variables in two groups, are almost equal.. Â

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