Parents' Role Before and During Infancy: An Islamic Perspective

Alimohammadi, Nasrollah and Jafari-Mianaei, Soheila and Hasanpour, Marzieh and Banki-Poorfard, Amir-Hossein and Sadat Hoseini, Akram Sadat (2017) Parents' Role Before and During Infancy: An Islamic Perspective. Iranian Journal of Neonatology IJN, 8 (4). pp. 65-73.

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Background: The infants depend on their parents for growth and survival during the early years of life. Therefore, the parents play a key role in the preservation and improvement of the infantsג�� physical and psychological health. Religion is one of the most influential factors that affect parenting. Regarding this, the present study aimed to investigate the Islamic perspectives on parents' role during infancy. Methods: This study was conducted within August 2014 to July 2016 (i.e., 24 months) using a qualitative content analysis. All the Shiite Islamic documents (i.e., Quran and Ahadith), which had Persian translation, were surveyed without any time limitation. Documents were in electronical and printed formats. Data analysis was performed using MAXQDA 10 software. Results: The results of analysis led to the emergence of three main categories. These categories included parents as the founders of infantג��s physical and psychological health, parents as Godג��s representatives in nurturing the infant, and infant as part of parentsג�� flesh and Godג��s trust. The three obtained categories indicated the dimensions of Islamic perspective on parents' role during infancy. Conclusion: Based on the Islamic thought, God is the main carer and nurturer of the infants, and parents as the nurture way pavers can achieve the best outcomes by fulfilling their duties and invoking God for his assistance and grace. According to the findings of the study, since the infant is the sign of Godג��s trust and grace to the parents, the parents should make their best to raise a healthy and righteous child. The nursesג�� awareness of religious beliefs may improve the quality of care. In this regard, the nurses can help the parents by training, counseling, and supporting them to have a healthy and righteous child.

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