A Comparative Study of the Continuing Dental Education In Iran and Other Countries in the World

Makarem, Abbas and Emadzadeh, Ali and Amirchaghmaghi, Maryam and Sarraf Shiraz, i Alireza (2017) A Comparative Study of the Continuing Dental Education In Iran and Other Countries in the World. Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 41 (4). pp. 339-356.

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Introduction: Continuing professional development is a key method to meet the intended professional standards, as well as an important source of the required information for appraisal revalidation and recertification. Discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the continuing dental education (CDE) program is essential for dentists. In this regard, evaluating comparative studies and benefitting from the experiences of successful universities are of paramount importance. The present study aimed to compare the elements of CDE in Iran with the high-ranked CDE in other countries. Materials and Methods: Data were collected via searching in the CE websites of various countries. These programs were compared in terms of their elements, including organization, provider, teaching and learning methods, curriculum and learner evaluation, and educational contexts and resources. In addition, the Beredy pattern was used, which determined the four stages of description, interpretation, proximity, and comparison in comparative studies. Results: CDE program in Iran was observed to be favorable in some elements, such as learning and teaching methods and program evaluation, while other subjects, such as communication skills, marketing, economy, and office supplies, could also be added to the courses. With regard to the organizations and providers, all the CDE programs in Iran are formally conducted by institutions and universities as the providers, while in other countries, professional associations, industries, and commercial companies are involved in establishing the accredited CDE program. Conclusion: Despite the strengths in the CDE program in Iran, some limitations need to be improved through the continuous validation and modification of these affairs. Major revisions in this regard must include modifying the teaching methods, adding suitable subjects with higher practical importance, and updating the subjects based on the ongoing professional needs. In general, findings of this study could largely contribute to the developers and modifiers of the CE curriculum in Iran.

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