LXRs: The Key Regulators of Intermediary Metabolism in Metabolic Syndrome

Mehrad-Majd, Hassan and Akhtari, Javad and Ravanshad, Yalda (2017) LXRs: The Key Regulators of Intermediary Metabolism in Metabolic Syndrome. Reviews in Clinical Medicine, 4 (4). pp. 180-184.

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Metabolic syndrome and its various manifestations are considered to be a significant health epidemic in the developed and developing countries across the world. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by a series of metabolic abnormalities, such as central adiposity, insulin resistance, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and dyslipidemia. Patients with metabolic syndrome are at a higher risk of major complications, including fatty liver, type II diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases. Nuclear receptors are the key regulators of gene transcription, as well as several metabolic pathways. Among these receptors, LXRα and β play a major role in the regulation of lipogenesis, cholesterol/glucose homoeostasis, and inflammatory pathways through the induction or repression of target genes. In addition to metabolic homeostasis and diseases, lipogenesis and hypertriglyceridemia are regarded as the most significant adverse effects of liver X receptor (LXR) activation. Given the importance of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and inflammation in the development of metabolic disorders, the present study aimed to review the impact of LXR signaling on the risk of metabolic syndrome and its phenotypes, with an emphasis on their potential therapeutic applications in the treatment of metabolic syndrome. In general, growing evidence supports the notion that LXRs may represent the potential drug targets for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.

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