Assessment of X-Ray Crosstalk in a Computed Tomography Scanner with Small Detector Elements Using Monte Carlo Method

kavousi, zahra and Karimian, Alireza and Jabbari, Iraj (2018) Assessment of X-Ray Crosstalk in a Computed Tomography Scanner with Small Detector Elements Using Monte Carlo Method. Iranian Journal of Medical Physics, 15 (3). pp. 169-175.

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Introduction: Crosstalk is a leakage of X-ray or light produced in a matrix of X-ray detectors or array of photodiodes in one element to other elements affecting on image contrast and spatial resolution. In this study, we assessed X-ray crosstalk in a computed tomography (CT) scanner with small detector elements to estimate the effect of various parameters such as X-ray tube voltage, detector element sizes, scintillator material, impurities in the scintillator material, and the material of detector separators on X-ray crosstalk. Materials and Methods: This study was performed using Monte Carlo simulation. In the first step, X-ray tube and its energy spectrum at the energies of 80, 100, 120, and 140 keV were simulated and validated by using SpekCalc and t-test. Then, other important parts of CT scanner, namely filters, detectors, and grids were simulated. X-ray crosstalk between CT detectors was calculated in air and in the presence of water phantom (as a simulator of human body) to compare the effect of scattered photons. Finally, the influence of some important parameters on X-ray crosstalk was evaluated. Results: In CT scanner with small elements, when using phantom, crosstalk increases by 16-50. Using the lowest possible energies of X-ray, decreases the crosstalk up to 43 of its initial amount. Furthermore coating a 10 or 20 µm layer of tungsten or lead on the detector separators, decreases the X-ray crosstalk significantly. Conclusion: Choosing the proper high voltage, detectors� material and its dimensions, scintillator impurities and septa material can decrease X-ray crosstalk.

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