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Deelen, J. and Kettunen, J. and Fischer, K. and van der Spek, A. and Trompet, S. and Kastenmüller, G. and Boyd, A. and Zierer, J. and van den Akker, E. B. and Ala-Korpela, M. and Amin, N. and Demirkan, A. and Ghanbari, M. and van Heemst, D. and Ikram, M. A. and van Klinken, J. B. and Mooijaart, S. P. and Peters, A. and Salomaa, V. and Sattar, N. and Spector, T. D. and Tiemeier, H. and Verhoeven, A. and Waldenberger, M. and Würtz, P. and Davey Smith, G. and Metspalu, A. and Perola, M. and Menni, C. and Geleijnse, J. M. and Drenos, F. and Beekman, M. and Jukema, J. W. and van Duijn, C. M. and Slagboom, P. E. (2019) A metabolic profile of all-cause mortality risk identified in an observational study of 44,168 individuals. Nature Communications, 10 (1).

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Vojinovic, D. and Kavousi, M. and Ghanbari, M. and Brouwer, R. W. W. and Van Rooij, J. G. J. and Van Den Hout, M. C. G. N. and Kraaij, R. and Van Ijcken, W. F. J. and Uitterlinden, A. G. and Van Duijn, C. M. and Amin, N. (2018) Whole-genome linkage scan combined with exome sequencing identifies novel candidate genes for carotid intima-media thickness. Frontiers in Genetics, 9 (OCT).

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