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Medina-Gomez, C. and Kemp, J. P. and Trajanoska, K. and Luan, J. and Chesi, A. and Ahluwalia, T. S. and Mook-Kanamori, D. O. and Ham, A. and Hartwig, F. P. and Evans, D. S. and Joro, R. and Nedeljkovic, I. and Zheng, H. F. and Zhu, K. and Atalay, M. and Liu, C. T. and Nethander, M. and Broer, L. and Porleifsson, G. and Mullin, B. H. and Handelman, S. K. and Nalls, M. A. and Jessen, L. E. and Heppe, D. H. M. and Richards, J. B. and Wang, C. and Chawes, B. and Schraut, K. E. and Amin, N. and Wareham, N. and Karasik, D. and Van der Velde, N. and Ikram, M. A. and Zemel, B. S. and Zhou, Y. and Carlsson, C. J. and Liu, Y. and McGuigan, F. E. and Boer, C. G. and Bønnelykke, K. and Ralston, S. H. and Robbins, J. A. and Walsh, J. P. and Zillikens, M. C. and Langenberg, C. and Li-Gao, R. and Williams, F. M. K. and Harris, T. B. and Akesson, K. and Jackson, R. D. and Sigurdsson, G. and den Heijer, M. and van der Eerden, B. C. J. and van de Peppel, J. and Spector, T. D. and Pennell, C. and Horta, B. L. and Felix, J. F. and Zhao, J. H. and Wilson, S. G. and de Mutsert, R. and Bisgaard, H. and Styrkársdóttir, U. and Jaddoe, V. W. and Orwoll, E. and Lakka, T. A. and Scott, R. and Grant, S. F. A. and Lorentzon, M. and van Duijn, C. M. and Wilson, J. F. and Stefansson, K. and Psaty, B. M. and Kiel, D. P. and Ohlsson, C. and Ntzani, E. and van Wijnen, A. J. and Forgetta, V. and Ghanbari, M. and Logan, J. G. and Williams, G. R. and Bassett, J. H. D. and Croucher, P. I. and Evangelou, E. and Uitterlinden, A. G. and Ackert-Bicknell, C. L. and Tobias, J. H. and Evans, D. M. and Rivadeneira, F. (2018) Life-Course Genome-wide Association Study Meta-analysis of Total Body BMD and Assessment of Age-Specific Effects. American Journal of Human Genetics, 102 (1). pp. 88-102.

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